Emergency Planning


The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is reviewing a revised emergency plan for the San Onofre nuclear plant that reflects the plant's permanent shutdown. Most potential accident scenarios related to an operating plant are no longer possible at San Onofre.

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Planning Partnerships

The plant is part of an emergency planning committee of local and state agencies. The committee meets regularly to continuously improve plans to protect the public's health and safety in the event of a nuclear power plant incident.

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Evacuation, Shelter, Reception Centers

Southern California Edison (SCE), along with local and state governments and federal agencies, has detailed evacuation plans and available shelters and reception centers in the event of a nuclear power plant incident.

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Prepare an Emergency Kit

Experts agree that before an emergency is the best time to prepare. Whether you purchase a kit or make your own, every family should have an emergency preparedness kit.

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Community Alert Siren System

In a nuclear emergency, sirens, located in communities surrounding the San Onofre facility, will alert residents to turn on a broadcast news station for public safety information.

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Public Transportation Assembly Points

If you are directed to evacuate during an emergency, but do not have access to transportation, public transportation assembly points are located throughout the community.

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SONGS Performs Annual Emergency Medical Exercise

SONGS Performs Annual Emergency Medical ExerciseThe San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) recently held its annual emergency plan medical exercise at the Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside.

The exercise imitates a real-life radiological event, resulting in an injury, and helps participants learn the best way to handle this type of emergency situation. SONGS employees, Camp Pendleton Fire and Tri-City Medical Center staff participated in the drill.

These medical exercises, held once a year, are not only excellent practice, but are also assessed and analyzed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency to ensure that SONGS emergency planning is exemplary.

SONGS Hosts Emergency Preparedness Drill

SONGS Hosts Emergency Preparedness DrillEmployees from the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) recently participated in a daylong drill focused on a mock emergency at SONGS.

Approximately 300 SONGS employees, along with participants from offsite agencies, responded to a mock emergency at the plant. These drills, typically held four to five times a year, are part of continuous training and are designed to better prepare and hone disaster preparedness skills in the unlikely event of an emergency at SONGS.

One component of the drill includes employees and local partners reporting to the Joint Information Center in Irvine to demonstrate how well SONGS, offsite agencies and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission share important safety information.

SONGS Talks Emergency Preparedness in Lake Forest

SONGS Talks Emergency Preparedness in Lake ForestSONGS is dedicated to establishing and maintaining solid relationships with the general public and providing up-to-date information on emergency preparedness.

Recently, SONGS participated in the Lake Forest Community Emergency Preparedness Academy. This academy is conducted yearly and is designed to educate Lake Forest residents on the basics of disaster preparedness.

Richard Garcia from Offsite Emergency Planning and External Affairs delivered an overview of plant operations and the redundant safety systems in place at SONGS. In addition, attendees were given a lively demonstration of the natural and man-made sources of radiation found in the environment.

Jim Wren, Lake Forest's public safety manager, said, "The SONGS presentation is always one of the highlights of the academy. All participants leave at the end of the evening encouraged about the high level of emergency preparedness at SONGS and in the neighboring communities."

SONGS is committed to reaching out and providing education and support in our surrounding communities. If you would like a representative from SONGS to speak at your community event, please call (800) 332-3612 or send an email to nuccomm@songs.sce.com.