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Keeping it Factual - Response to L.A. Times Op-Ed by Dr. Kate Brown

Last year, SONGS was a "Fukushima waiting to happen." This year, SONGS is a "Chernobyl waiting to happen." Both comparisons are wildly off-base. Read our full response to the Times.

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Cover Page Update

SCE Releases Comprehensive Overview of Dry Spent Fuel Storage at SONGS - Nov. 12, 2019

In 2014, SCE selected the Holtec UMAX dry spent fuel storage system to hold the remaining spent nuclear fuel on site at SONGS. Following a meeting May 29 with Rep. Mike Levin (CA-49), SCE agreed to produce an evaluation of any meaningful, factual, and science-based changes to on-site spent fuel storage systems and technology since 2014. SCE released the document today.

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20191025-SONGS MPC Download-4146


Half-way Point Reached, Passed on Fuel Transfer Operations -
Nov. 1, 2019

Today, crews successfully downloaded canister #38 into the Holtec dry spent fuel storage system. Continuous improvement of fuel transfer operations is the focus.

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Details on Canister Inspection Photos – Oct. 12, 2019

Recently released photos from SCE's industry leading canister inspections may not tell the whole story. Read our latest post to understand the analysis that went into reading the high-resolution photos and what it told us and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

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SC Green Getting it Wrong – Oct. 10, 2019

A San Clemente activist group recently sent out erroneous information about spent nuclear fuel canisters at SONGS, and across the nation.

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SONGS Fuel Transfer Update – Sept. 16, 2019

Canisters #32 and #33 were safely downloaded. We're providing a brief update on how the work progressed.

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NRC Public Meeting on Community Advisory Boards  - Aug. 29, 2019

The NRC will host a public meeting on Community Advisory Boards and decommissioning on Aug. 29 at the San Juan Capistrano Community Center from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  More information can be found on the NRC website.

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Looking Back and Looking Forward – Aug. 20, 2019

As work begins this week to load and transfer spent nuclear fuel canister #32, we take a look back at how the process went for canisters #30 & #31, and the lessons-learned.

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Solana Beach City Council Resolution – July 3, 2019

The Solana Beach City Council recently passed a resolution that contained multiple errors regarding nuclear energy regulations and spent nuclear fuel storage. We "correct the record" in this post.

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Canister Inspection White Paper – June 3, 2019

The expected incidental contact during the downloading of canisters into the Holtec HI-STORM UMAX system at SONGS does not produce significant wear marks or scratches affecting the safety function of the canisters. 

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Seismic Safety at SONGS – May 22, 2019

The spent nuclear fuel storage systems at the San Onofre nuclear plant are designed and constructed with seismic safety top of mind. 

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SCE Conducts Inspections of Spent Fuel Canisters – March 27, 2019

Southern California Edison recently performed detailed inspections of three Holtec multipurpose spent fuel canisters, including the canister downloaded on Aug. 3, 2018.

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An Update from Tom Palmisano on Fuel Transfer Operations – March 19, 2019

Changes made to the program since Aug. 3, 2018 and the path forward.

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Responses to Public Questions from Nov. 29 CEP Meeting – March 7, 2019

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California State Lands Commission Releases Final EIR – Feb. 11, 2019

Correcting the Record: Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage at SONGS – Jan. 15, 2019

A pair of reports released last week made for big headlines. We add the data and analysis the reports lacked.

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Coalition Urges Federal Action on Long Term Storage – Dec. 4, 2018

National coalition urges immediate congressional action to revitalize the federal used nuclear fuel program.

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Decommissioning a Nuclear Power Plant - Frequently Asked Questions – Nov. 29, 2018

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Update to CEP Members on Fuel Transfer Operations – Oct. 19, 2018

Tom Palmisano, vice president of external engagement, provides an update to Community Engagement Panel members regarding the ongoing work to strengthen spent nuclear fuel transfer operations.

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