North Wind Comment Submission

Do you have comments or ideas about relocating the spent nuclear fuel at SONGS to an off-site location? The North Wind team welcomes your input regarding information you believe should be considered in the development of the Strategic Plan.

Comments from the public help us learn about diverse points of view, values and perspectives of the public and stakeholders, and will improve the quality of our strategic planning process. As a means to incorporate input from those who wish to comment, we encourage you to write to us in the box provided below. 

All comments will be reviewed and considered. We will not respond directly to the comments but will provide a summary of the input received in an appendix to the final strategic plan. All input reflected in the strategic plan will be without direct attribution to ensure confidentiality.  We ask that you limit your comments to 1500 words. 

We look forward to reading your thoughtful input and we thank you for taking the time to make your views known.

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