Our Guiding Principles


01-06-2020 Decommissioning Equipment Hatch Vestibule_MP18946
  • We are committed to safely decommission the San Onofre nuclear plant.
  • All radiological material will be properly handled and disposed of safely. We have highly skilled professionals who ensure the right steps are taken to manage and dispose of any contamination within the site boundaries and ensure the health and safety of our workers, the environment and the public.
  • There will be strict compliance with rigorous safety protocols. The decommissioning process will be carried out in accordance with Federal and State safety regulations, including but not limited to NRC, OSHA, Cal OSHA, and other construction standards and regulations.


  • We are committed to leaving the community better off as a result of having been home to San Onofre for 40 years, and we will be open to exploring opportunities for doing so with our landlord, the U.S. Navy, and the community.
  • Substantial dollars have accumulated in Nuclear Decommissioning Trusts through customer contributions and judicious investing, and the owners recognize their legal responsibility to spend those funds wisely and return any unused monies to ratepayers.


  • We want the San Onofre decommissioning process to be managed in an inclusive, forward-thinking and responsible way. In particular, the current and previous owners of San Onofre have created a Community Engagement Panel (CEP) to bring together diverse stakeholders and open a conduit of information and ideas between the owners and the public. The panel fosters direct public outreach and ensures that all key interests are included and heard. Members include elected representatives of the surrounding cities and counties, the military, emergency responders, local environmentalists, business, organized labor, customer interests and academia.

Read the SONGS Community Engagement Panel charter here.

Community Engagement Panel meetings are held quarterly in communities near the San Onofre nuclear plant.