Safety & Emergency Planning for SONGS Decommissioning

We have no higher priority than safety at San Onofre. As one of our decommissioning principles, every day our focus is to protect the health and welfare of our employees and the public.

Emergency Planning During Decommissioning

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has approved a revised emergency plan for the San Onofre nuclear plant that reflects the plant's permanent shutdown and all spent nuclear fuel assemblies in dry storage. Most potential accident scenarios related to an operating plant are no longer possible at San Onofre. The dry storage of spent nuclear fuel at SONGS is designed to maintain the safety and confinement of the fuel. When the plant was operating, there were 82 emergency action levels at SONGS. With all the spent fuel is in dry storage, there are 3. None involve an off-site radiological release, even as a result of outlier events such as earthquakes and aircraft impacts.

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Plant Safety & Security

Nuclear power plants are well-designed, operated by highly trained personnel and defended by armed security officers. Each nuclear power plant has extensive security measures in place to protect the facility from intruders.

Since Sept. 11, 2001, the nuclear energy industry has substantially enhanced security at nuclear plants. Click here to learn more about these measures.

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Seismic Safety

Every U.S. nuclear power plant – including San Onofre – is designed to withstand the maximum potential earthquake for its location without releasing radioactive materials. Dry fuel storage systems are no different.

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