Community Engagement in Decommissioning

We're committed to managing the decommissioning process in an inclusive, forward-thinking, and responsible way.

Community engagement is a key aspect of how we do that, and is one of our core decommissioning principles.

Speakers Bureau

SONGS maintains a vibrant speakers bureau, available to community organizations and civic groups throughout Orange and San Diego counties.

In 2021, we spoke to nearly 20 groups, including student groups, Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions clubs, neighborhood organizations and chambers of commerce.

To schedule a speaker, send us an email at

Public Walking Tours

Public walking tours are a great way to spend a few hours on a Saturday morning learning about how SONGS is being decommissioned and how spent nuclear fuel is stored safely on site.

To sign up, just click the button in the upper right corner above or here and pick a day that works best for you or your group.

Public Walking Tour Collage
Join us for a public walking tour at SONGS!

Community Engagement Panel

The Community Engagement Panel comprises representatives from surrounding cities and counties, including elected officials and public servants, as well as representatives of the U.S. military, local environmental organizations, the business and labor communities, and a local school district.

Meet the Community Engagement Panel (CEP)

SONGS Decommissioning CEP Charter

Compilations of CEP Email Communications and Attachments

CEP Public Meetings

The Community Engagement Panel holds quarterly meetings in communities near SONGS. Watch video replays of past meetings of the CEP, learn about upcoming events, and access meeting materials and information.

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CEP Meeting Supporting Reference Material

Do you have a question but are unsure if it's already been answered? Use the easy topic index to find the information you are looking for.

CEP historical meeting topic index ​

Spent Nuclear Fuel Defense-in-Depth Deep Dive (Learn more about Defense-in-Depth)

The May 28, 2020, CEP meeting devoted time to spent nuclear fuel storage safety in relation to so-called "outlier" scenarios. Supporting information is available in the following document libraries:

Human Outliers Document Library

Natural Outliers Document Library