Responsible Stewardship for the Community

We are committed to leaving the community better off as a result of having been home to San Onofre for 50 years. We also are committed to working with federal and state agencies, including the State Lands Commission and the Coastal Commission, to ensure that impacts to the environment and surrounding areas are addressed throughout the decommissioning process.

Environmental Monitoring Around San Onofre

We live, work and play here in the communities surrounding San Onofre, and are highly committed to protecting the pristine environment through strict environmental controls of our work.

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Protecting Environmental Resources Around SONGS

The land, the water, and the wildlife around SONGS are very important to us. Through a variety of programs, we ensure all are protected and monitored during decommissioning.

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San Onofre Gray Whale edit

Revitalizing Coastal Wetlands & Marine Habitats

As stewards of the environment, we will continue to support the revitalization of coastal wetlands and marine habitats, including the San Dieguito Wetlands Restoration Project and the Wheeler North Reef.

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Thoughtful Management of Nuclear Decommissioning Trust Funds

As a judicious steward of the Nuclear Decommissioning Trust, we will spend the funds wisely and return any unused money to customers when the decommissioning activities are completed. The trust funds' balances are currently $3.9 billion which, managed over time, are expected to fully fund decommissioning. For SCE, our portion of the trust funds are fully funded, and we no longer collect fees from our customers.