Plant Safety and Security

Nuclear power plants and dry fuel storage systems are well-designed, operated by highly trained personnel and defended by armed security officers. Each nuclear power plant has extensive security measures in place to protect the facility from intruders. Learn more about security measures at San Onofre in this White Paper.

The NRC’s security requirements for independent spent fuel storage installations (ISFSI) continue to provide adequate protection of public health and safety. The NRC maintains an intelligence unit that continuously monitors the threat environment directed toward nuclear facilities regulated by the agency and performs threat assessments and related intelligence analyses (e.g., adversary tactics, techniques, intent, use). The NRC uses this data to inform its security requirements, which licensees implement to provide adequate protection against terrorist threats.

- John W. Lubinsky, director, Office of Nuclear Material Safety and Safeguards, letter to CEP Chairman David Victor, Sept. 2020


Since Sept. 11, 2001, the nuclear energy industry has substantially enhanced security at nuclear plants. Click here to learn more about these measures.