Regular Meeting on SONGS Decommissioning and Fuel Transfer Operations

Mar 26, 2020
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 1Q CEP meeting was held via Skype conference call.

Meeting summary

  1. The Big Picture – Deconstruction of the plant is underway. Main projects are occurring inside the containment domes and just north of the plant where a rail spur is being upgraded. Look for SCE to share more information in the weeks ahead about traffic flow in and around the entrance to San Onofre State Beach.
  2. The first monthly spent fuel storage area radiation monitoring report has been posted on line. The reports are available on the California Dept. of Public Health – Radiological Health Branch website. The reports show the very, very low level of radiation being emitted on site by the spent fuel storage facilities. Off-site, the levels are indistinguishable from the natural background radiation levels.
  3. Environmental – A new interactive map detailing ocean sampling locations is now available on the SONGS Community website. Along with the sampling locations, the environmental reports are also posted as they are completed and verified. There are 19 sampling locations and five control locations. Information was also shared about a wastewater release from the sewage treatment plant on site. The 7,000 gallon release presented no impact to the public according to the SD County Dept. of Environmental Health, due to the level of dilution it underwent prior to release (which occurs 1.1 miles off-shore). Plant engineers are continuing to look for a cause for the release.
  4. Fuel transfer operations at SONGS are moving forward smoothly. As of this meeting, 55 of 73 canisters of spent fuel have been safely stored in the Holtec dry fuel storage system. There was a pause to train the crews on the SONGS-specific pandemic protocol. SCE continues to post updates on FTO progress on the SONGS Community website.
  5. There was some discussion around the likelihood of moving the spent nuclear fuel now stored at SONGS off-site, and how long that process might take, when would it start and where would it go? All good questions. SCE has engaged North Wind, Inc., with support from the SCE Experts Team, to develop a Strategic Plan, and a Conceptual Transportation Plan. Those plans support SCE’s efforts to assess the feasibility of relocating the fuel to a commercially reasonable, off-site facility. The plans will be completed by the end of the year.