Group’s Latest Petition to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Denied

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission earlier this month turned away the latest 2.206 petition from the San Diego-based group Public Watchdogs. This was the third petition filed by the group not accepted by the NRC for review because the points raised in the requests were previously reviewed by the agency.

The group filed the petition last October and had it rejected once but appealed that determination for a chance to offer additional information, which is a standard part of the 2.206 process.

The NRC’s petition review board concluded “Specifically, the concerns expressed in this petition have previously been evaluated or considered in NRC staff licensing reviews and in the evaluation of prior 2.206 petition requests submitted by Public Watchdogs.” Essentially that means the group brought no new information to the table that hadn’t already been evaluated by the NRC.

The NRC went further to explain exactly what the group failed to provide during the March 30 follow-up Petition Review Board meeting:

  • Support for the assertions made in the petition
  • References to the purported sources of information
  • Efforts to demonstrate the relevance of the information to the petition
  • A request for any enforcement-related action

  • The NRC referred back to a response it gave Public Watchdogs last September which covered myriad assertions related to spent fuel storage brought forth by the group, including:

  • Loss of cooling
  • Flooding
  • Corrosion
  • Fuel Cladding Failures
  • Excessive Pressure
  • Criticality
  • Thermal Transients

  • In all instances, the dry fuel storage canisters at SONGS are designed and constructed to mitigate these circumstances and continue to perform their safety functions.

    (Posted June 16, 2021)