Temporary Beach Walkway Closure

Starting May 5 for Four Weeks
Walkway Sign
Notice of closure sign.

The public access beach walkway between San Onofre State Beach to the north and to the south of SONGS will be closed during weekdays starting May 5 and continuing for about four weeks.

Demolition work is taking place at the southwest corner of the site adjacent to the walkway. To ensure public safety, a spotter will be present during the demolition work. For demolition of the K-10/20/30 building, workers placed a construction barrier along the top of the fence line, and the westernmost cinderblock wall will be removed from the inside of the building, from top to bottom, which will prevent material from leaving the site.

The walkway will be closed only when work is performed Monday through Friday and will not be closed over weekends or holidays.

Closure Area
Demolition work on a building adjacent to the public walkway will mean temporary closures to the walkway starting May 5.

(Posted May 1, 2021)