Replacement Steam Generator (RSG) Document Library

The following documents are related to the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) Replacement Steam Generators (RSGs). Southern California Edison (SCE) is making these documents available so that the facts relating to the RSGs are publicly known.

Timeline and White Paper

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries ("Mitsubishi") has made inaccurate charges about its ability and willingness to repair or replace its defective RSGs at SCE's San Onofre Nuclear Generator Station ("SONGS"). Mitsubishi's position finds no basis in the parties' contract or in the factual record. As set forth in detail below, for over 16 months, Mitsubishi failed to offer any viable, implementable, and licensable plan that would safely and reliably restore the RSGs to 100% power for their promised, 40-year operational life. Many documents exist that support these facts and that demonstrate their accuracy. SCE has published documents on which it relies in setting forth the real facts. Unfortunately, Mitsubishi claims that many other relevant documents, including hundreds of pages of supporting material, are proprietary and restricted from disclosure. SCE urges Mitsubishi to allow SCE to publish these crucial documents, a partial list of which is at the end of this white paper (Appendix).

These materials were last updated on September 2, 2014.