Energy Secretary Granholm Visits SONGS

Southern California Edison welcomed Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm to SONGS on April 21 for a tour of the dismantlement work taking place and the spent nuclear fuel storage facilities.

Granholm was accompanied by Edison International CEO Pedro Pizarro and Congressman Mike Levin, as well as some key leaders from our Community Engagement Panel, including Chairman David Victor. The group viewed demolition progress to date, movement of the train cars in the railyard, and learned more about our dry cask storage systems. A short press conference was then held at the Holtec UMAX dry fuel storage system.

During her comments, Sec. Granholm said "we know how to store nuclear waste safely. The question is where to do it. And so, as things stand today, the communities surrounding our spent nuclear fuel operations, they never signed up to play host for the long-term."

Pizarro thanked both the secretary and the congressman for their work in this area.

"Southern California Edison has put in place robust storage systems that will protect the fuel, the environment and the surrounding community as long as the fuel is here. And this is our community, too," Pizarro said.

View the full news conference below.

News Conference