Focus for 2024 – Inside the Power Block

After four years of significant demolition of the structures at SONGS, our focus for decommissioning in 2024 is taking us deeper inside the power block – to those giant, cement structures and containment domes that housed the heart and soul of the power plant during operations. While work within this area is not new – we have been methodically cutting apart the reactor pressure vessel internals for the last year or so - demolition progress has increased access within these buildings for multiple work streams to commence. This includes the surgical removal of large components that made our plant work, such as reactor coolant pumps and steam generators. Once all the equipment is gone, the containment domes will start coming down in 2027.

We are often asked, when will all this work be complete? The answer, at least four more years. Safe demolition of a nuclear power plant is a carefully choreographed process that takes time and is dependent upon the successful completion of each task to move forward. Our workers thoroughly prepare for each evolution, ensuring an understanding of the job and the procedures, and use of the right tools and personal protective equipment.

SCE and its decommissioning general contractor, SONGS Decommissioning Solutions, remain committed to working safely in full compliance with our regulators while protecting the health and wellbeing of our workers, the environment, and communities around us.

The photo carousel includes recent pictures of the site. We also encourage you to join us at our quarterly Community Engagement Panel Meetings to hear firsthand about our progress.