Regular Meeting on Outlier Events and Response Strategies

May 28, 2020
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Community Engagement Panel Meeting Summary

  • The dry storage of spent nuclear fuel at SONGS is designed to maintain the safety and confinement of spent nuclear fuel. When operating, there were 82 emergency action levels at SONGS. Once all the spent fuel is in dry storage, there will be 3. None involve an off-site radiological release.
  • Fuel transfer operations, moving spent nuclear fuel from wet to passive dry storage, are continuing safely at SONGS with COVID-19 controls in place. SCE is in the process of storing canister 64 of 73.  The work is likely to finish mid-summer 2020.
  • The Unit 1 Reactor Pressure Vessel, a 770-ton low-level radioactive waste package, was moved off-site and is currently on its way to a disposal facility in Clive, Utah. This was one of the first major projects of the SONGS deconstruction and the work by the team to prepare and load the RPV was executed safely.  Nearly all the low-level radioactive waste will follow the same pattern and be shipped to Clive. 
  • Deconstruction work at SONGS, ongoing since February, complies with the Governor’s order and a SCE pandemic protocol. Completed work includes asbestos removal in the containment buildings and delivery of office trailers that will replace the onsite office buildings, which will be dismantled soon.

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic the 2Q Community Engagement Panel (CEP) meeting will be conducted via Skype. Additional details regarding the CEP meeting, as well as directions on how to join the Skype meeting, are provided in the box at right.


Two document libraries have been created to support the May 28 meeting. These libraries contain reference material that may be helpful in understanding the scenarios that will be discussed.

Human Outliers Document Library

Natural Outliers Document Library