SCE Statement on Congressional Field Hearing on Long-term Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Solutions

The Environment subcommittee of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, chaired by Rep. Harley Rouda (CA-48), held a field hearing today in Laguna Niguel, Calif. According to the committee website: “The hearing will examine the role of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in ensuring reactor safety and the management of safe storage and disposal of nuclear waste, safety risks related to nuclear waste storage, and the challenges the country faces in finding a solution for the safe storage and disposal of spent nuclear fuel.”

We appreciate the effort of Rep. Rouda and members of the subcommittee to seek solutions for the issue of long-term storage of spent nuclear fuel. SCE, our stakeholders, and the people who live and work in the communities surrounding the San Onofre nuclear plant, strongly encourage action from our elected officials.

As part of developing a solution, having a factual baseline is important, too. Misrepresenting the science and potential consequences of spent nuclear fuel makes the challenge of finding a consent-based location for storage more difficult.

The witnesses who testified, including Tom Isaacs, chair of SCE’s Experts Team, and Dan Stetson, vice chair of the SONGS Community Engagement Panel, brought their considerable experience to the discussion. They thoughtfully presented facts and urged the process to move forward based on the best scientific and engineering judgment, and an engaged public.

The federal government must honor its decades-long obligation to create a permanent repository and begin the process of relocating spent nuclear fuel from reactor sites throughout the country.

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