SCE Statement on Video Ad by Group

The cartoonish Public Watchdogs video reveals the group is not a serious, nor credible, participant in the effort to move spent nuclear fuel away from the San Onofre nuclear plant (SONGS).

Spent nuclear fuel has been safely and securely stored at SONGS since 1970 with no impact to the health of employees, the public nor the environment. Southern California Edison strongly urges the federal government to fulfill its obligation to open a permanent spent fuel repository or license a consolidated interim storage site to accept this fuel.

Right now, almost 20 percent of SONGS spent nuclear fuel is qualified for shipment to an approved off-site repository; more than three-quarters will be ready for shipment by the end of 2020. Stakeholders and the public truly concerned about long-term spent fuel storage solutions will work productively to make that happen. Those who simply want to use the issue to fundraise by misleading people with irresponsible videos designed to exploit existing community concerns, play on unfounded fears, and line the pockets of an organization that trades in false narratives and public anxiety, are detrimental to these efforts.