Southern California Edison Statement Regarding NRC Webinar Announcement

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has announced a public webinar to be held on March 25 focused on the Aug. 3, 2018 canister downloading incident at San Onofre nuclear plant.

Since Aug. 3, Southern California Edison has worked methodically to first analyze, and then strengthen, fuel transfer operations, ensuring that these improvements are effective and sustainable. The safe transfer and storage of spent nuclear fuel remains our top priority.

Canister-loading operations at San Onofre, currently on hold, will resume only after SCE is satisfied that our team has successfully demonstrated fuel transfer can proceed utilizing the new procedures, training and technology, and the NRC has completed its inspection work.

We look forward to providing an update on our progress at the next quarterly Community Engagement Panel Meeting March 28 in Laguna Hills. Visit our website for meeting details.